Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015

Snowflake by ThumbsUp

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Hello Ladies (and maybe Gents, who knows ;)),

Today I have another mani-inspiration for christmas for you.
These nailwraps by ThumbsUp called "Snowflake" are exclusively available at .

By clicking here you'll get straight to the website where you can order them :)

Montag, 7. Dezember 2015


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Who could expect that one year ago as I started with my Instagram account and my blog? Nobody! :D
I feel honored to be part of the #picturepolishfest2015, thank you so much Jules! <3
Some time ago, you could send an application via mail to PP for this event, and I had the luck to participate in the swatching-category.

These are the polishes I got:
Instinct, Glitch & Gothic by piCture pOlish

I started with gothic, a dark brownish red. This is one coat + HK Girl topcoat.

Glitch, one of the 5 new shades they released recently. I had it already some weeks ago and not to show it was hard :D These are two coats of this amazing emerald green + HK Girl topcoat.

Last, and definitely not least: Instinct. How could I live so long without this perfect blue?! This is also one coat + HK Girl topcoat, and it glows in UV-light. Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of it because my UV-lamp doesn't work properly, but who cares when you see this awesome blue? :D

These are awesome polishes are available at and their various stockists. You can find them on their homepage as well :)

Have a nice evening <3

Sonntag, 29. November 2015

The Holiday Magic collection by Cupcake Polish

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Something great is coming on December 1st at 8:00 PM CST.. The Holiday Magic collection by Cupcake Polish will launch on their site! :D

Let's take a look at these beauties:

They are all linear holos with silver holo micro glitters, and I instantly fell in love as I unpacked them. How couldn't you fall in love with these, just look at them! :D
On my swatches I'm wearing two thin coats, but you probably could get along with one thick coat, too.

So let's start with the Swatches!

This is "Peace", a beautiful blue leaning purple.

"Noel", a sparkly green with slight blue undertones.

 "Merry", a gorgeous pink shade.

"Joy", a gorgeous light blue. This one's my favorite <3

"Jingle". I have no idea if it's leaning more towards yellow or green, maybe it's lime green? :D

 Last but not least, "Cheer". A beautiful warm toned lilac.

You can get them for 13$ each or the whole collection for 72$, within the first 24 hours. 

Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Jolly Jumper Nailwraps by ThumbsUp

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I'm bringing you some inspiration for your winter manicure today! :)

Received these beautiful "Jolly Jumper" nailwraps from Grace ThumbsUp Nails and I have to say, I'm in love with this pattern. 
They are very easy to apply and with short nails, you can use one nailwrap for two nails. There are 20 nailwraps in 10 different sizes in this pack, so you can use them more than one time for sure.

You can get them on for 6,99 Pounds, and there are many other beautiful patterns in Grace's shop! 

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

Overnight Bag & Cameo (H) by ILNP

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I'll show you today another two beauties I got from Maria (Hypnotic Polish). They are part of the Fall Collection 2015 by ILNP, and I can't get enough of them.. Seriously, they are just perfect!

Overnight Bag
This is Overnight Bag, a beautiful brown holo with red undertones. Shown are two coats + one coat HK Girl. A perfect shade for fall! 

Cameo (H)
I really have no idea why I avoided the ILNP multichromes for so long, Barbra does a great job! 
This is Cameo (H), shown are two coats + one coat HK-Girl. This colorshift is crazy, sometimes it even has some bright green in it. 

The whole Fall 2015 Collection by ILNP is available at

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Grands Crus Collection by Il était un vernis

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Maria from Hypnotic Polish sent me these beautiful polishes, and now I'll show you some swatches of them :) The whole collection is inspired by different varieties of wine, and I'm definitely impressed!

Pinot Noir
This is Pinot Noir, a gorgeous red holo. These are two coats + one coat HK Girl.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is a wonderful, deep purple. In some angles it looks also a little bit red. 
Shown are two coats + one coat HK Girl.

This is Merlot, shown here are two coats + one coat HK Girl as well. Beside the slight holo effect which comes with every polish of this collection, it has some delicate golden shimmer in it.

La Paulée
La Paulée is a blue toned green. I had to think about christmas trees at first sight ;) Shown are two coats + one coat HK Girl. You should be careful at removing it. It doesn't stain, but my cuticles didn't think so. 

Last but not least, Chardonnay. A light-grey scattered holo with delicate golden shimmer. I never thought about combining grey with gold, but it works! :D Shown are two coats + one coat HK Girl.

You can get them at Hypnotic Polish for 12,89€ each, and all of them are in stock at the moment. So if you like them, don't hesitate ;) 

My favorite picks from this collection are Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, but I really like the others, too! 

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

ThumbsUp Halloween Special

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So this is the first post in English.. let's see how it works out :D

I got some nailwraps by Thumbsup from London to show you how you can hack your mani for Halloween, so here they are!

Midnight Party by Thumbsup Nails, Saucy by piCture pOlish, Paint It Black by Il était un vernis
and Nailvinyls by Svenja's Nailart 

I used the nailwraps on my middle and ring finger as accents, the other nails have one coat of Saucy by piCture pOlish as a base. I put some nailvinyls by Svenja's Nailart over Saucy and one coat of Paint It Black by Il était un vernis. I can't stop telling you how I love Paint It Black and White Canvas by Il était un vernis, my first black and white one coaters! :D

The wraps also glow in the dark, which makes them even more interesting.

Look at that glow! :D
You can order them on, with a lot of other nailwraps with several themes, patterns and colors :)