Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

Cadillacquer Store Exclusives for Hypnotic Polish

Press Sample*

Today I'll show you another two polishes by Cadillacquer, which are only available at Hypnotic Polish. Thanks a lot, Maria! <3 I'm still blown away by the great quality of these polishes :D Shame on me that I haven't tried them before I got these samples..

Here are the swatches!
I used two coats without topcoat for the pictures.

This is "Awakening", a delicate lilac holo polish.

 "Frozen Heart". It's a dark blue, creamy base with pink hologlitter in different sizes and shapes.

 And guess what, the blue one is my favorite! Who didn't see that coming? :D 


  1. Ohhh, Frozen Heart finde ich richtig toll!

  2. Ich habe aufgrund deiner Bilder jetzt awakening geordert


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