Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

The Afterlight Gala Collection by Femme Fatale

Press Sample*


"The Afterlight Gala Collection is inspired by daydreams of evening masquerades and moonlit carnivals in rolling fields. Strings of lanterns above masked party-goers in velvet and lace finery; the tinkling of voices and clinking glasses, soft music from carousels and glass mazes rolling across the fields as dawn creeps across the sky."


This is what it's all about in this blogpost, ladies and gentlemen! :D The upcoming Afterlight Gala Collection by Femme Fatale. It will be available from March 1st to March 5th for Presale on and from mid-March at their stockists (Shiro Cosmetics (USA), Live Love Polish (USA), Color4Nails (USA), Beautometry (USA), Rainbow Connection (UK), Beauty So Fly (SNG) and Dope Nails (Russia)).

Let's start with the swatches!
(I used two coats without topcoat for each swatch)

This is "A Fortune Teller's Charm",  a thermal polish shifting from blue when cold to a pale green-leaning blue when warm. It has a delicate golden shimmer in it and lots of golden and coppery glitters in different sizes and shapes.

"Crown Of Ribbons", barbie-like pink with golden shimmer and multichrome flakies (which are very good at hiding when you want to capture them nicely).

"Dripped In Diamonds", a clear jelly base with pink shimmer and tooons of glitters in different sizes and shapes. In my opinion it might look much better with a colored base as it's not that opaque in two coats.
If you like this one you should be fast, it's a limited edition polish!

"Fields Of Treasure", a pale apple-green with tiny hologlitters and a slight lilac shimmer which is also very shy on photos, but visible in real life.

"Glass Carousel", another glitterbomb! A clear jelly base with blue-ish green shimmer and tons of golden metallic- and hologlitters in different sizes.

"Lace Masquerade", a thermal polish shifting from a coral-pink when cold to... well, to "nothing" when warm. The base becomes clear and only the golden flakies and glitters are visible then :D

 "Lantern Lights", a sheer green-toned jelly base with purple, golden, pink and some kind of green shimmer, purple UCC flakies and silver hologlitters. It's breathtaking!

"Maze Of Mirrors", an icy blue base with golden and light green shimmer and silver hologlitter in various sizes.

 "Sunrise Funfair", the biggest surprise for me! Usually I'm not that much into peachy colors, but I instantly fell in love when I put it on my nails. Just look at that golden shimmer, how couldn't you love this one? :D

 Last but not least another thermal polish, "Whispers Of Velvet". A dark plum when cold shifting to a bright pink when warm. It's filled with tiny color-shifting flakies from green to pink depending on the light.

My favorites aren't at all the shades I'd expected it to be.. Sunrise Funfair, Maze of Mirrors and Lantern Lights took my breath away :D

What do you think about this collection?

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Paint The Rainbow February 2016

Press Sample*

Today I'll show you the polishes from February's "Paint The Rainbow" box. Its theme is "Famous Couples". The pre-order will start on February 15th (they are based in the UK, so be aware ;)) for 48 hours. If there are still boxes left after these 48 hours, they will go on sale on February 25th. 

The featured brands of this month's box are Bear Pawlish, Grace-Full Nail Polish, Cupcake Polish, Colors by Llarowe and Freckles Polish.

...aaaand here are the swatches!
(On the swatches I'm wearing two coats without topcoat, unless I mention something else in the description)

This is "Mickey & Mallory" by Bear Pawlish (inspired by "Natural Born Killers"), a red linear holo.

"Evening Star" by Grace-Full Nail Polish (inspired by Aragon and Arwen from "Lord Of The Rings"), a pale lilac holo.

"Sandy & Danny" by Cupcake Polish (inspired by Grease), a blackened blue-toned green (or maybe green-toned blue? who cares, it's both! :D) holo. This is one (!!!) coat without topcoat.

"Rose and Jack" by Colors by Llarowe (inspired by Titanic), a pink-toned red holo with very fine, gold glitters in it.

"He's Her Lobster" by Freckles Polish (inspired by Rachel and Ross from Friends), a blue toned creamy pink with a delicate touch of holo. This one dries semi-matte.

My favorites are "Mickey & Mallory", "Sandy & Danny" and "Rose and Jack", they are just my type :D

Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

Did The Penny Drop? by Colors by Llarowe (Rainbow Connection Store Exclusive)

Press Sample*

This beauty without label is a new store exclusive for Rainbow Connection UK and will be available soon! It's called "Did The Penny Drop?" and it's by Colors by Llarowe <3 

I don't know the exact date and the price yet, but if you like it you can get notifications by entering your e-mail address on the product page :)

I'm wearing two coats without topcoat on the swatches of this copper holobomb.