Dienstag, 29. März 2016

Colors By Llarowe Spring Tribute 2016 + New Cremes & Shimmers

Press Sample*

Today I'll show you lots of new polishes by Colors by Llarowe including the Tribute To A Wonderful Friend collection (8 polishes) and the new Cremes and Shimmers (4 polishes).
A portion of the Tribute collection's proceeds will be donated to charity.

The polishes will be available for pre-order at llarowe.com on April 1st, but they are already available at some of their stockists (e.g. Hypnotic Polish and Rainbow Connection UK). 

Let's start with the swatches!

This is "Did You Know You're My Hero?" , a bright blue with intense gold and pink shimmer. I used two coats without topcoat.

"Life Is A Highway", a magenta jelly base packed with scattered holo and magenta microglitters. I used two coats + one coat HK Girl by Glisten&Glow.

"Helen",  the turquoise version of "Did You Know You're My Hero?". I used two coats without topcoat.

"Miss You My Friend", a light blue linear holo with silver micro flakies. I used two coats + one coat HK Girl by Glisten&Glow.

"On The Wings Of Eagles", a taupe base with pink and gold shimmer. I used two coats without topcoat.

"Pretty In Pink", a pink linear holo with pink holo microglitters. I used two coats without topcoat.

"Rare Jade", a jade green crelly base with gold flakies. I used two coats without topcoat.

"You Make Me Smile", a bright pinky coral with soft linear holo and delicate blue shimmer. I used two coats + one coat HK Girl by Glisten&Glow.

And these are the new Cremes and Shimmers!

"Freeze Frame", a charcoal jelly base with blue shimmer. This one was very tricky to handle because it was very thick. I used two coats and gladly they evened out with one coat of HK Girl by Glisten&Glow.

"Bow Chicka Wow Wow", a neon coral pink with a slight blue sheen. I used two coats without topcoat.

"Ain't Nobody Leavin' Til We Sing The Blues", a bright royal blue creme. I used two coats without topcoat.

"Barney Sucks!", a bright lilac purple creme. I used two coats without topcoat.

I totally LOVE "You Make Me Smile" and "On The Wings Of Eagles".
Which are your favorites? :) 

Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

My Favourite Things March 2016

Press Sample*

I have the honor to present you the upcoming 'My Favourite Things' Box by Nailwhisperer!

This month's participating makers are Lacquester, Celestial Cosmetics, Literary Lacquers and Frenzy Polish, and I simply LOVE these polishes! 

The Theme is "Walking Through The Enchanted Forest" and sale starts on March 20th at 11pm SGT on Nailwhisperer.com (7am PST, 9am CST and 10am EST.. just in case :D).
It will cost 50$ and if you want it you should be fast, last month's box was sold out within some hours ;)

Let's start with the swatches! 
(Shown are two coats without topcoat on each picture.)

This is 'Elven Eyes' by Lacquester, a purple holo base with UCC flakes shifting from green to blue and to red. No complications at all, but I didn't expect something else from Caroline. Her polishes are great!

'Spell Wood' by Celestial Cosmetics, a dark green holo with coppery/golden shimmer and tiny golden flakies. This might become one of my favorite greens!

'Some Kind Of Magic' by Frenzy Polish. A fuchsia crelly with scattered holo and blue, pink and purple glitters in it. It also has a purple shift in it. My first Frenzy Polish btw, and I like it ;)

'Stars Walk Backward' by Literary Lacquers. A deep green-leaning blue holo with silver holo microglitters. Such a stunner!

Usually I would tell you now my favorites, but I can't. I really like every single one of them! Maybe the Frenzy Polish one a bit less, but just because of the fact I love blue, purple and green way more than fuchsia :D 
Do you like how they turned out?