Montag, 20. Juni 2016

F.U.N Lacquer Summer 2016

Press Sample*

It's time for some holoporn again! :P The new F.U.N Lacquer Summer Collecion is coming with 6 awesome holos, releasing on July 2nd at 11 pm SGT for 11,90 USD each. And there's also some kind of revival of an older shade :)

Guess who got some nice holopaper after swatching these? I simply had to play with it :D

Let's start with the swatches!
(I'm wearing two coats with top coat on the pictures.)

This is "Let The Sea Set You Free", a turquoise-leaning blue holo with tiny pink, gold and blue shimmer flakies.

"Blazing Romance", a coral-toned pink holo with gold shimmer.

"Positive Vibes", a deep green holo with tiny gold and purple shimmer flakies.

"Rainy Day In Barcelona", a light purple holo with gold and light-green shimmer.

"Starry Night Of The Summer", a dark blue holo. The original one I also have in my stash is way darker and the holo isn't as strong as in the new version. I really love it, even if it's not like the original one... which was one of my first F.U.N Lacquer together with "Anna" btw :D

"Wearing Heels With Cocktails", a red-leaning pink holo with tiny gold, purple and blue shimmer flakies.

I like every single one of these, but my favorites are definitely "Starry Night Of The Summer", "Positive Vibes" and "Blazing Romace".. even if I usually don't like pink that much :D

What are your favorites? Will you get some of them? :)


  1. Die Kollektion ist schon ziemlich hübsch, wenn auch nicht unbedingt sommerlich. :D

    1. Gerade das find ich super dran, ich brauch im Sommer auch meine dunklen und weniger knallenden Farben haha :D


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