Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

The WOAH BABY! Collection by Glam Polis

Press Sample*

The WOAH BABY! collection by Glam Polish consists of six sparkly and shimmery holos inspired by the nostalgia of Full House and releases Friday, June 30th at 2pm EST USA.

The full set of six shades will be available at 64,80$ for the first 96 hours and after that it will be available for the regular pricing of 72$.
For shipping information visit :)

Let's start with the swatches!
(I'm wearing two coats with a glossy top coat on each swatch.)

You Got It Dude, a light pink sparkly holographic with gold shimmer.

Oh Mylanta!, a light lavender sparkly holographic with purple shimmer.

No Way, Jose!, a mauve sparkly holographic with pink shimmer.

HAVE MERCY, an aubergine sparkly holographic with blue/red shimmer.

Cut It Out!, an indigo sparkly holographic with green/purple shimmer.

How Rude!, a sea green sparkly holographic with pink shimmer.

Perfection as usual I'd say :D What do you think? :)

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